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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

These Guys...

  ...wake you up when you have to work the night shift in the roof truss factory, interrupt your Shabbos nookie, and keep coming back despite your numerous requests that they cease. They are bible-thumpers looking for converts and they come in two equally irritating varieties- Mormons and Witnesses.

  Both types travel in pairs and may employ cute old ladies or different attire when their repeated efforts to occupy your weekend or disrupt your seance fail.. Never taking no for an answer, religious proselytizers are the leading cause of peephole installation and responsible for the majority of impulse Rottweiler purchases.

  But what to do about these zombielike pencilnecks? Most of us want REVENGE. How many of you lovely people have wanted to take a crap in their boots or at least bother them on Friday fish night?

  Luckily for us there is Australian film nerd John Safran. While some of us *cough* MAY have knocked on the doors of a few local irritations, this guy did the deed on a superhuman scale. The Yeshiva boy who likes to push everyone's buttons took his assholery to Salt Lake City to prove a point and exact a little justice for each and every one of us who has had their Seder, orgasm or hangover interrupted.


Door To Door Atheists Bother Mormons - Watch more Funny Videos

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