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Friday, December 4, 2009

Attn : Adrien Brody

You are an idiot . 

Let's review a few things about the man you selfishly defend :

Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old girl IN THE ASS. And he is PROUD of it.
He lecherously crawled all over a 15 year old in front of the international media.
Weaselboy admitted to his biographer that he had "fucked girls far younger than this one " and asked what "the big deal" was .
Instead of facing the music for his depravity he cowardly hid and reaped the benefits of a society that rewards creativity at all costs.
You would not have a career without him and you fucking KNOW it.

Despite all of the horrifying actions of the little French amoeba you ramble on about how "Hollywood has suffered in his absence" and how much gratitude you have for his existence.
What would you think if he liked young boys instead of girls and had his way with you?

If your career is over without him it's time to find a real job .

Now go and shove your nose further up your own ass , you fucking untalented imbecile.

Kudos to Emma Thompson for removing her name from the petition and APOLOGIZING when she discovered what a bastard Polanski is.

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  1. How people like this man sleep at night is beyond me. The whole Polanski thing is a slap in the face to humanity, that he even has supporters is just a exercise in ignorance.Im not a religious person, more spititual, but man for the sake of these dudes, i will pray there is a hot hell waiting for the likes of them


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