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Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Morning , Tila ....


  You are a little douchebaguette and I'm not offering pity for you . But I'm curious as to what made you into the shitstain you are today . Was it your brave immigrant parents loving you too much ? Was it the fact that they risked their LIVES and gave up their way of life in order to improve your existence ? What the hell made you hate yourself enough to think that you needed attention by trying to be a poor little hoodrat and subsequently whoring yourself out to the world? We all KNOW that EVERYONE wants to be a gangsta bitch because it's just so fucking cool to smoke crack and fuck half of the wankstas in Houston .

Let's review a few things . Yes , you talk the talk because you walked for a while , but you had to run off to New York because you are a RAT and we all know what happens . It comes as ZERO shock to me that you are a loudmouth because that's how you make bank now. Broadcasting the personal details of the lives of people who don't kiss your ass is not only juvenile , but lets the entire world know that you squeal . I hope Rihanna beats your ass. Dipshit.

You have ZERO musical talent . People only watch you lip-synch the tragic crap with your name on it because they want to see you fall on your ass. Every time you get on your little camera and trip over your own feet , we laugh because it makes us feel better about ourselves. It used to be kind of a guilty pleasure until you started doing things like taking shits on-cam to prove how "shocking " you can be . You are a filthy little cunt and an attention slut.

 You are NOT gay . Period. You profess your lesbianism because you think that it will get you attention , all the while stating that you are gay because men are just so bad and that one day "the right guy" could turn you. You are an insult to gays . We fucking hate you because the idea of having a plasticene orientation is insulting to those of us that have to look in the mirror and see scars from gaybashers. Yes bitch , I just LOVE the fact that I have chronic headaches and blurry vision , among other problems from getting my brains beat out by skinheads with bricks. Go eat a dick , EVERYONE KNOWS it's what you really want anyways.

  Finally , at least for today , I cannot wait for you to disappear . Why not organize a mass suicide along with the stable of morons who hang on your every move ? You rant about wanting to someday do good in your life , so why not do the world a favour and take a few thousand mindless sycophants with you ? The thing is , you would be the only one drinking the Kool-Aid . Hey , I'm anti-suicide in general but since you keep threatening it , I'm not going out of my way to stop you. Get mental help or check the fuck out .

  Fuck Off ;


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