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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Shitty Americana

The "church" that produces this and other filth still has some church/non-profit taxation status , and while they might be an extreme example , this is exactly why we must remove tax exemptions for religious organizations. If you go into most religious services , you will hear hatred toward other human beings . You and I are entitled to believe as we wish but there is no way in any western society that taxpayers should be footing any portion of the bill that promotes hatred against themselves. It's undemocratic . If you wish to support your local congregation , you should be doing it in good faith as opposed to trying to get financial reward in the form of a tax deduction out of it . Modern churches are run like businesses and for profit and as such should be subject to taxation and multimillionaire preacher men should not be able to launder money back and forth. The ridiculous and criminal taxation status enables these groups to lobby Congress for increasingly repressive judicial reforms that will eventually turn America into a theocracy.

Man , this pisses me off .


  1. Bullshit like that makes me feel bad to be white. A lot of religions are intolerant of differences, and I totally agree with what you blogged.

    Hard to believe that people so stupid have survived the evolutionary process.

  2. Oh shit. Sorry i don't usualy use vulgar words. But man, this is shocking? Are you sires? is this real? Who are the sick who created this evil. I am shocked and sadden. Every one should be alerted whether he is what ever his believes. And blog or speak loud against. And yes they should be treated like a business.In the Island the make tones of money from stupid PPL. Sad.

    Proud Jew.

  3. Because there are people who take their children to this church, this video serves as proof that we need a spay/neuter program for Homo sapiens.

  4. anti-semitism is alive but not flourshing. Oh yes, there are alot of hateful people out there but they are a minority. This just makes me feel sad for them. They are pathetic and lost souls. God loves everybody. Until they know that, they will remain lost, and I agree with you Roof, churches should be subject to taxation. I totally agree with everything you wrote on this subject. No one should be allowed to get away with this hateful behaviour. Karma is a bitch.


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