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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The War We CAN Win

This is heartbreaking . While we cannot bring this young man back from the dead , there are things we can do to reduce the needless death occurring in foreign lands . 
  First - Get out of Iraq . Period. You already got your man and even normally peaceful people see foreign soldiers as dangerous interlopers . They have and will continue to attack you. Don't worry - the world will not cease to exist if we get out of Iraq . In fact , it will probably bring peace when people realize that their country will have to unite to fend for itself . Iraq has existed for thousands of years without Western interference and only started to get radical when we started meddling in their affairs . Nations can and do exist cohesively without outside influence . I KNOW it defies our arrogant nature , but just leave them alone to balance things out . 

Second - Afghanistan is a clusterfuck for international peacekeepers . Why? Because Afghanis are overwhelmingly Pashtun , and Pashtuns are not at peace unless they are at war .  Assist exit strategies for any law-abiding person who wishes to leave this peculiar culture that has been based on death since the days before Islam was even introduced . Afghanistan is a poor country because they fight amongst each other like 2 year olds and for all of written history have. It seems strange to most of us that people actually enjoy this style of life , but what you have to realize is that as much as it pains us , you cannot attempt to change the fundamental nature of an entire ethnic group . We tried this with Aboriginals , and it's pretty obvious that we committed cultural and physical genocide . People will naturally rebel against having the will of another nation forced on it - wouldn't you do the same if a roving band of foreigners invaded YOUR country?
As for Afghanistan being the hub of terrorism , that's just another lie you have been told to quell your apprehension about the idea of being there in the first place . The Taliban was an American creation , and is mainly stocked by non-Afghanis . Pushtuns are too busy engaging in turf wars amongst each other to bother worrying about attacking any other nation . Any wars that Afghanistan has been involved in were instigated by another country . Everyday Afghanis really do have no idea where Usama bin Laden is . Ask the CIA or the Saudis , the true terrorists . (ed- he was killed hiding out in Pakistan. What a surprise!)

The single greatest weapon of anti-terrorism is MONEY . Without stable world currencies like the U.S. Dollar and the Euro , totalitarian regimes would be quieted . Every time we open a company in kingdoms like Saudi Arabia and Dubai , among others , we are building the bombs that will be used against us . Yes they do have oil , but so does Norway and Canada . Besides , we will be forced to develop less ecologically damaging energy alternatives when we see the future fossil fuel supply as limited . Nurture western genius instead of promoting mideast terror . It is imperative that we remove all financial support of Islamist theocratic regimes . Give a timeline for all western companies to remove themselves from such countries and limit which countries can be used for outsourcing . The best time is now , when we are already economically stunted . We will unite in order to get through any economical hardships , which would be very temporary since we will no longer be spending vast sums kissing Saudi ass. The little things DO matter - any time we buy Saudi electronics , Syrian textiles , or party in Dubai we are giving money to evil . People need to have that truth force-fed to them if need be . Stop the free-funnel of dollars and nations would either adapt or collapse under their own grandiose theocratic weight . Who would think that the war we have the greatest chance of winning could be won through such a non-violent idea? 

War is big business making terrible people huge sums . Dick Cheney has made hundreds of millions of our hard-earned dollars and peace will not make folks like  him happy . Fuck 'em! Defense contractors have already raped the middle-class and murdered our friends and family . If they cannot adapt their industries into something more peaceful , let them fall . THAT'S Capitalism , the thing that all of us claim we are fighting to protect . This will initially not be financially easy on the West either . There will be an adjustment period just as there was when troops returned from any of the great wars , but if history tells us anything , it is entirely probable that we will bounce back . Sure , returning soldiers will have some emotional scars , but the fact remains is that those people are blessed with the skills and strength that any company would be blessed to take on. Some may have to temporarily relocate to other western nations for work , but if you ask any former soldier , he or she will tell you that they'd rather work in Canada or Germany than for some Saudi monarch . The jobs would flow back within 2 years just as they did after wars gone by . 

  The question is not whether we can stop the senseless killing of our young people , but whether or not we are really interested in changing the way we think about the world . Are we willing to stop arrogantly attempting to force our views on those who are different from us or are we going to continue to think of ourselves as morally superior ? In order for there to ever be peace in our chunk of the planet , we have to let others just be who they are and sink or swim with as little interference as possible . We must pick our battles more wisely lest we become the oppressive warmongerers that we profess to be different from . The only remedy is an overhaul of the ways in which our dollars are spent . We have the perfect weapon , and always have . The solution can be a peaceful  revolution if we want it . There is an answer if we dare to change . 

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