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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Celluloid Paranoia For The Masses

  There are a shitload of fake 50's and 60's "cautionary tale" videos on YouTube , but this warning about dangerous "homosexuals" is real . It was put out in 1961 by a man named Sid Davis , who in addition to being a bit part actor and known mountaineer , made his living selling paranoia-inducing videos to schools and police departments . He was the grandfather of the "stranger danger" and "marijuana gateway" school propaganda films that even I remember and I was born in the mid-70's . It is possible that his films had a reverse effect and may have given people sick ideas and inspired crime as opposed to actually protecting children . His films were initially inspired by only ONE crime , yet he preached that danger and death were out there , an omnipresent doom. In any event , Davis put out nearly 200 films and became an incredibly wealthy man exploiting and exaggerrating our darkest fears .

  Here's the 1961 film Boys Beware .

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  1. Lucky we didn't get this kind of edu. Haha mental illness. I wonder who was the one ill. they are my best best friend in the Island.



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