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Sunday, December 27, 2009


.....we often talk about it , about human beings being able to forgo their shitty inhumane activities and forge a new , wonderful yet bumpy path . We celebrate it - we built plaques for it , give thanks , and award the Masterton . But what about the non-human victims of our stupidity? Should they be awarded such a chance , to prove themselves as valid members? 

From what I have seen , I have been given a confirmation of what I have previously thought . The answer is a resounding YES.

This beat-down , yard-ravaged shard of a man was given a chance - his name is Hector . He is one of Mike Vick's Pit Bulls .

Now I KNOW what you cats might be thinking - a trained fighter , a bully breed , an inbred , a lost cause . But he is all of those things and so much more . He is more of a forgiving man than most humans - he is a living , breathing testament to what anyone can truly overcome .

Meet Hector , therapy COMPANION for hyperactive children. They can cajole him , wrestle with him , and even hug and love him . He not only teaches people about the wonderful nature of dogs , but is helpful in teaching autistic kids how to handle other beings . You can play with him , yet he won't bite . He is a very greatful man that fills his life with the carefree spirit and love of any other dog despite his scar-riddled face .

HE is a changed man and people want to kill him and others of his kind and that is a crying shame . Pit Bulls used to be the family companion of choice and now animal "protection" agencies euthanize over 60% of guys like him on SIGHT - as well as Rottweilers , Doberman Pinschers , Bulldogs , Danes , and so many other loving beings deserving of a second chance at a REAL life . A life without a pit or kennel or enclosure , a life with a family that they can truly call their own and safe place that they can do what dogs do in . If it is the season for giving , give your heart and home to a "Bully" - he or she will reward you in more ways than you can imagine . If you feel helpless , remember that there is a life you can save that will save your life .

Don't buy from a breeder - hug a bull . PETA says they cannot be saved , but look at him and look at my buddy Domino . Domino is a Bull-Greyhound 100 pound man who now has a family of 4 to serve and protect . I know this because I fostered him . He was lined for "euthanasia" " at 8 months for the "crime" of being a too-tall puppy . He now runs along bikes and pulls wagons .

Ban the deed and not the breed , ban breed ban legislation , and bring home the best kind of companion you can have - a loving , disease free , grateful being that will love you until his or her days are done . My pal Amarjit opts for elderly dogs , my mum loves large and active types , my friend's granny loves smaller dogs . But the point is that there is a buddy for you. If you don't dig dogs , well there are cats , ferrets , rabbits , birds - even reptiles in need of a loving and proper abode . Cool tidbit : cross-bred cats and dogs have cheaper health insurance and live longer lives . WIN all around .


  1. love this. thank you.

  2. RIGHT ON RIGHT ON RIGHT ON I love all these breeds. They are so loving and lovable. Thank you for this post.

  3. Great post. We got a 'pound special' just over a year ago. Everyone was horrified when they saw her - that's a pit bull, isn't it.

    Well, who knows, - she is much loved, very loving, doesn't have an agressive bone in her body. Great with both my kids, (one of whom has special needs).


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