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Monday, December 21, 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends ...

.... do this to their dogs .

It's bad enough that your kids have to suffer the embarassment of the backwards bathrobe tripping hazard , now you can humiliate your Rottweiler! With the velcro you KNOW that the dog is going to wait for you to run to the can and then chew it to smithereens . The included talking dog tag is just there to implicate the guilty .  Dogs were born with one of these - it's called FUR . If you stopped shaving your dogs they would not need to wear a dress! The dogs in this video are panting because they are HOT. If you have a Bulldog or Pug , one of these can make your best friend dangerouand sly overheat .
Oh , and another thing - why does that lady have a dog in her purse? Is she trying to shoplift it?

Just give me the 23 dollars so I can buy a Ball Pein hammer and put YOU out of your misery and rescue your dog from a lifetime of annoyance and your credit card from abuse .



  1. See my dog would love one of these..well the lil one would, the Pitball would laugh at her.

  2. I'm pretty sure our dog would have it chewed off within 5 minutes. I guess it would make her shit fluffy and pink for the next few days too.


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