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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Roofer's Coffee : Wednesday The Random Edition

   On my previous sites I used to have this random column that some of you will remember but most of you will not . I used to blog about my life more often than the sights and sounds of the greater outside world . When I moved to this blog I kind of shyed away from such things , often removing posts that delved too much into my inner mental workings . I don't think it was a fear thing , save for maybe feeling that most of you would find it too boring . I mean , what excitement can come from the life of a construction worker and fledgling comic situated in the Pacific Northwest? But , I suppose the point is that I do have a very full life , wonderful friends , awesome readers , and the 30 or 40 brave yo-yos who show up for my few gigs are entertained and all of this makes me feel quite blessed .
  The world is a scary place , full of insecure people doing inhumane things to each other and I suppose that it is nice to take a break from all of the negativity that I was sinking into and becoming overwhelmed by .  Inside every suicide bomber is a scared kid who just wants to do right and doesn't know how ; inside every fame-whore is someone who just wasn' t loved enough by those who should matter ; inside every hero is someone who is afraid but somehow finds the strength to overcome their doubts . There is the potential to do incredible good and horrifying acts of evil in each and every one of us , and I sincerely hope that all of you will do one or two things today to enrich the life of yourself or someone else.
  There is a difference between breathing and truly living , and sometimes we have to take a step back , take a moment to breathe ,  in order to advance and win this game called life .

  G-d bless all of you .



  1. Read your blog first thing this morning - thanks for a great start to the day. Consider one of your acts of enrichment done.

  2. GOD BLESS YOU MIKA! You are BRILLIANT and I am so glad that I have gotton to know you. You are so needed and appreciated. NEVER doubt that fact. YOU ARE LOVED BY MANY and one of the many is little ol me.


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