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Friday, December 11, 2009

Vancouver Is A Funny Place

 Some of the ecstasy pill seized in Vancouver were imprinted with peace signs or the Olympic rings.  If you folks are unaware that Vancouver is hosting the winter Olympiad in 2 months , you have been living under a boulder . Vancouver is also rather well know as a major transportation point for every drug imaginable . 

  Cops were called to a house in East Van under the guise that the place was being broken into and didn't find the "perpetrators " , but saw a bunch of clear bags with bright coloured pills in plain view. The wise officers knew that they looked kind of strange and shut the joint down while they waited for a warrant . 
  Anyways , they were right - there were drugs - 6 ounces of blow and over 107 , 000 (!) tabs of E . Now , the idea of a million bucks worth of amphetamine-type shit floating around an Olympic area is not the most wonderful for VANOC , but guess what they are worried about... 
Vancouver police say they stumbled on these ecstasy pills while investigating a report of a home invasion.   The tabs of Ecstasy have the Olympic rings on them and they are worried about COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT . I'm not kidding . A mountain of likely-contaminated teenage-brain-vapourizing dope that looks like this was available , and the Olympic dipshits were worried about a symbol . 

   Was VANOC worried that the "unofficial" knockoff MDMA was an insult to the quality of their Officially Licensed  Product ? Is Olympic E better than Biker E ? 


  1. Is Olympic E better than Biker E? Olympic E IS Biker E...

  2. I like that WWE professional wrestling E. It kicks your ass.


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