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Friday, December 18, 2009

Olympic Stupidity

  Police hold back protesters who spilled onto Yonge Street on Thursday, delaying the Olympic torch relay for about an hour.

 For those of you who have been living on MARS , Vancouver is hosting the Olympics in a short period of time  . Naturally , as with all things that could potentially eliminate the recession , there are protests . Some of the protesters are Aboriginal groups , which seem respectful , but there are migrant rights groups , anti-Israelis , welfare activists , and every other brand of yo-yo one can imagine . And they all have the right to peaceful protest in this land of ours . But today got out of fucking hand . The protesters were absolutely WRONG today .  In an overzealous attempt to block the Torch Relay , the rights of people were infringed upon . 

  If memory serves me correctly , one of the people they tried to block is a Holocaust survivor . And that is absolutely a bad thing when you are a group claiming to stand for human rights . But that is not all . These people also tried to block the torch from reaching The Hospital For Sick Children on Gerrard Street . People risked their safety to get the torch there so some dying children could get the chance to carry the torch , to live something in their dreams . As amazing as this hospital is , it is safe to say that this will be the last chance for some of these innocent beings to do something truly awesome . It might even be an inspiration for a kid to keep on scrapping for his or her life . Children are simple and humble and the little things really DO matter . 

  When your protest infringes on the joy of children , it ceases to become peaceful . It was a planned event and ALL of you knew that children could be affected and for that , you are assholes. These babies did nothing to you , but you still saw it fit to try to interfere with something that could be their dying wishes . 

  Go cash your welfare checks , get drunk , and take a collective nap on a CN Rail track . 


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