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Thursday, December 10, 2009

THIS Is The Definition ...

  ...of Sellout . Digable Planets used to be a group that mixed noises from avant garde artists with rhymes about abortion rights , weed , black power and a host of other topics both fun and controversial . Some of their earlier stuff was fairly commercially acceptable , but they always managed to sneak things between the lines and their later stuff was more aggressive . All in all they just didn't have that idiot stick feel and they've been doing enough behind-the-scenes stuff and side projects to make decent lives all round . 
  So THIS comes as such a fucking shock - a transgressive trio's tunage used to advertise SOAP . FUCKING SOAP!!! Not sneaks nor turntables nor the Nation of Fucking Islam - Tide motherfucking laundry soap !

  FUCK! I'm so annoyed by this I'm probably going to have insomnia. 

  Thanks assholes.

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