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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Few Words About Cheating

  Tiger Woods got caught cheating and I don't really get why people are all that upset . People are genetically engineered to go looking for strange pussy or peen . The real difference is that the religious brainwashing of humankind that tries to legislate animal nature. It's IMMORAL to go hunting for what's on the other side because people emotionally invest in the idea of being the only one , and financially do so when they get married . When people have children they are expected to remain faithful to one person , to defy our impulses , for the simple reason that our jealous nature exists to ensure the biological makeup of the children we raise . 
People suggest that women fool around with married men because they want some grand emotional commitment , that we want someone to leave their partner for us , but it's really not true . We have this sexist idea that women are more emotionally invested than men . We WANT to believe that women are innocent and don't need to get laid because that's what our conditioning has taught us . The fact of the matter is that a lot of the people who hook up with committed people do so because they want to have fun with no strings attached . It's societally abhorrent to most people because of the way in which people go outside the relationship . It's sneaky , not at all out in the open , and exposes couples to STDs . In a lot of instances it hurts the other , more emotionally invested partner. 
The weird thing is that if there wasn't a risque feel to running around , a lot of people would stay put. We ALL look around , whether it's buy reading Maxim or by being more overt . We all cheat on our partners in our minds , and most people do so more overtly . We check out that hot woman at the bank , the guy fixing the roof , or the jogger passing by . And it's not a question of happiness - I know incredibly unhappy monogamous people , and ones who enjoy the safety that such a bond brings . But I also know people in open relationships , and all seem very balanced and happy. 
I used to hate on people in open relationships , but I'm starting to think that they have the right idea. I used to judge such people , but it's really not harming me or anyone else. At least they are honest to their partners and do the people the groove with instead of running around like weasels. There are variants of this , ranging from having an "understanding" like my grandparents did , to going to swapping parties like some of my friends do but the constant is the lack of insane jealousy that most of us cling to for security.

After being cheated on by almost everyone I have dated , and it has hurt in the past , but I have come to expect it . I'm sick of excuses and sneaking , if you want to hook up with someone , just say it , do it , and don't bring me back a disease. I'd rather you not , but if that's how you are , just be open about it . I am not longer going to feel self-hatred because somebody does something that's just part of who they are . 

After noticing that almost everybody fools around on their SO in one way or another , I have come to the conclusion that monogamy is Santa Claus for grown-ups.


  1. I don't want to pander to the same cynicism, because I find it impossible to cheat, and I feel very validated being upset when I'm cheated on. I don't think my morals are archaic either. I think most people lack the necessary compromise to be in a serious relationship. It's not santa claus, it's just that most people are THAT immature and selfish in relationships.

  2. Monogamy- I don't know many who have it and I wonder if the ones who say they are in it are being honest. I could not do the open relationship thing because I just don't want to. I'm not interested. When I'm with a partner it's not only for the sexual part, it's for the emotional and spiritual support and enhancement of my life. It's important that we are good friends and laugh alot together. Of course the sex has to be mostly great or I won't be there for long. The sex is always great when the emotional and spiritual connection and friendship are on track.


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