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Thursday, December 10, 2009

THIS Is Not ...

 ...the look you want to have when meeting an octogenarian , especially when the old lady is one of the most powerful people on the planet . Yes , yes , she was doing some sort of show there , but come on , it's the Queen . At least show an iota of respect and don't look like a dominatrix from Hell . I hope the REAL Lady didn't wear her contacts , but she shows no obvious signs of shock , so she probably is without the lenses. Either that or Madame Liz is impossible to horrify . Either way , Lady(?) Gaga looks like a tool . Even the microdude in the front KNOWS this is off-the-handle.  

  It almost makes one long for this "classic" Gaga "look" - at least the cup and saucer thing is English.

Ok , maybe not.

Raise a crumpet to HM Elizabeth II for having one hell of a sense of humour and the grace of quietly chuckling when the rest of us would be in tears laughing and probably pointing.


  1. I think that it was appropriate considering the queen DID invite her to play for her and the company there. I'm sure her and her staff were WELL aware of the way Lady Gaga presents herself in the public domain.

  2. she always looks like an's scary that people consider what she does 'art'


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