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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Proofreading Isn't For Everyone : The New Product Edition

Look at this commercial for the "Shake Weight" . It is not a parody but a real ad for a real product that apparently does do what the ad says , but seriously - did Monica Lewinsky design this? I mean the entire product is one giant plastic-coated double entendre . 

"But your husband will be happier than ever! "

This ad is so hilarious that I fell off of my sofa when I first viewed it . Enjoy!



  2. Don't know what's funnier, the ridiculousness of the product itself or the fake smile plastered on the girl's face throughout her entire 'workout'.

  3. Fantastic!

    Remember,'do not wiggle it or allow it to wobble or move it side to side. Keep your movements short and fast. Always keep the shake weight at least 6 inches from your face'

    That's some great safety info - with all those short, fast movements, anything could happen.

  4. Saw one of those in the store today with all the other post-holiday dumps. Bizarre.

  5. the as-seen-on-tv products never fail to make me roll my eyes. i get what idea this one is based on... but still... wow.

    it's like a bad version of that funny vibrating board people did squats on a few years ago.

  6. I want to go get this, lets go shopping. We could make a parody of this video and get even more people falling off the couch.


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