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Monday, December 7, 2009

On A Serious Note

   20 years ago , an insecure microdick named Marc Lepine took an entire University hostage because he didn't think that he should have to share a class with women . He didn't really need to worry about such things , because Ecole Polytechnique refused him several times because he lacked entrance credentials . He was refused because he kept dropping out of the prerequisite courses .
This and all of his other failures he blamed on women , whom he was taught from birth by his Algerian father to hate .
  After little  Gamil Garbi's (Marc Lepine's real name ) mother got sick of old pop beating her and her kids senseless , she left him and got a decent job to care for her brood . Most kids would see their mums as heroic , but little Gamil thought his mother was a traitor who should go back to serving him and his father's tyrannical wishes.
  Of course , little Gamil grew into Marc , an anti-feminist , pro-Hitler asshole . The military rejected him for his antisocial tendencies . He saw women with jobs around him and it drove him insane . In his mind it was HE who should be scoring that engineering degree even though he didn't earn it . A woman should be serving him hand and foot and not taking his rightful place in society.
  He legally purchased a Ruger Mini-14 and headed off to the school of his dreams with a letter to the world in his pocket . He separated the male and female students and shot all 9 of the female students (only 3 survived) before proceeding into a corridor and throughout the building , hunting humans . He had this grandiose idea that he was fighting in a war against women and that he would go down in glory . 14 women lost their lives and 14 other humans were seriously wounded before Marc Lepine blew his brains out .
  After the police recovered the body of Marc Lepine , they discovered a lengthy letter to the world with a list of the prominent people that he wanted to kill but knew he could not . It turned out that this terrorist had been planning his attack for years and had displayed signs consistent with suicide.
  Twenty years on , Marc Lepine is not seen as evil anymore . He's either seen as a victim of circumstance by bleeding heart sissies who seem to forget that this "victim"  was a butcher  or as a folk hero by men longing for an era where women are forced back into their God - ordained places . These men see the victims of Lepine as deserving of death to prove a political point . I suppose people hold such views because this horror occurred in CANADA , where people are too eager to shift blame from those who are due to be accountable.
   In any other western nation , they would call Marc Lepine a terrorist .

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  1. never heard of this vile bastard before...whatever happened to his dads?


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