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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Canada Is A Funny Place

Here is a map of Canad..  
 I have been all over this vast land of ours and come across some fantastic and sometimes amusing place names . I'm not sure whether it is the scorching heat of summer or the freezing winters or simply our national sense of humour that comes up with these , but I'll share a few great places for your amusement. 

Dildo , Newfoundland - the obvious . People visit just to get under the sign
At least once a week I work in Qualicum Beach , BC . The school district is # 69
I played baseball as a kid out of Proton Station , ON
I thought I was hallucinating when I drove through Vulcan , AB
I avoid Swastika , ON like the plague. 
Spread Eagle , Nfld is off of Conception Bay and is near Dildo Arm
I thought St.Louis du Ha! Ha! (yes the exclamation points are there) was a joke .
I met the end result in the back of a bus going through Climax , Saskatchewan
I've gotten drunk in Wawa ON and South Porcupine
I frequently work in Nanaimo , which has streets named "Dingle Bingle Hill Terrace" and "Jingle Pot Road"

Here are a bunch more . Some I have been to , some I will never go to : 
Nameless Cove , Nfld
Bastard , ON
Come By Chance , Nfld
Forget , Sask
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump , AB
Shag Harbour , NS
Two Sheds , NS
Burnt Church , NB
Bummers Roost , ON
Nut Mountain , Sask
Tit Mountain , BC
Beaver Creek , BC (I live here so I have to )
Two Hills , Navel , and Little Bush AB (We all know what they were thinking)
Westward Ho , AB
Burnt Flat , BC
Pothead , Nfld
Stoner , BC
Crotch Lake , ON
Blow Me Down , Nfld
Indian Tickle and Black Tickle , Nfld are neighbouring towns
Joe Batts Arm , Nfld
Moose Factory , ON
Lower Economy , NS
Malignant Cove , NS
Craupaud , PEI (not that funny . it means toad in french)
Garden of Eden , NS
Pecker's Point , Nfld
Fanny Bay , BC
Point No-Point , BC
Useless Bay , BC (another one near here)
Sheshatshit , Nfld
Toefield,Tees,and Balzac , AB (because of an inside joke )
Salmon Arm , BC 
Spuzzum , BC
Big Ass Lake , NS
The Buttocks , NWT
Blowhole , BC
Nipple Mountain , Yukon
Ogle , Sask
Butt Head , Nfld
Step Aside , Nfld
Nellie's Hole , ON

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