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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Olympic Insanity FAIL

Why does this dude (OK , it's Tyler Conium of the RepoMen) look so astonished?

Because an ubertalent was left off of the Olympic Team . The dude's name is Mike Green and he's awesome .
 A PROVEN quality guy . Not the most famous name , not the big "brand" guy , just a talent who can match up with the greatest and can score from the blueline , an added chunk of diversity . The best man for the job of winning the medal , not a dude who's famous for being famous . And he's out.

Team Canada , you have made one serious mistake . This is a guy who plays with the best that Russia and Sweden have to offer on a daily basis - he knows every trick , every deficiency.

and Mike Green is left off the roster.

Olympic Fail

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