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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends ...

...say this word . It is possibly the most horrendous word in the English language and I am exposed to it due to living in a rainforest and watching way too many cooking shows .


Say it aloud without shuddering . Try it . You can't .

This word conjures up some of the most disturbing visuals and just makes my skin crawl into a corner crying . I mean I KNOW it's common whether one is describing a cake (that I will so NOT buy) or the dewy morning grass .  There's even been a CUPE President named Paul Moist . (Poor bastard )
But it's still disgusing.

Words that cause such visceral reactions have previously been removed from common usage . Gleimous is one of those . It sounds like something oozing and weepy and gross , and that's exactly what the adjective means . We don't use it anymore other than to gross out our friends .

Moist needs to be banned .

Before I go , the 3 most horrid words can be strung together in a sequence of 2 adjectives and a noun .

Moist , gleimous vagina .

Enjoy your breakfast.

1 comment:

  1. Ahahaha, You are so right. The m word always reminds me of a friend I used to work with - only guy in the workplace, and he happened to be gay.

    Every time any of us had a muffin/ anything vaguely like a muffin, he would say, "MMMM... that muffin looks very MOIST..." Then we'd all laugh until we cried, except for the person with the muffin, who, of course, had to get up and throw it in the bin.

    I can see why it should be banned, but maybe we could pull it out every now and again to torment each other?


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