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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great New Product

Everybody loves a new product that will make them thin without much effort , and with this in mind i unveil a new laxative that all of young Hollyweird will line up to buy.


Inspired by doing booty bumps with a fey named Hay , iShart affords you all of the weight-loss benefits of meth without the annoying spin. No more annoying acid yap . No more paranoid attacks on your granny.
iShart will turn you from a 10 to a 2 or we'll buy you a football .

Form a line to the left.


  1. yikes, that picture is just sick! I hope nobody really wants to look like that...

  2. More wise words from the roofer

  3. That's incredibly sad, and she probably still feels to fat to eat :(

  4. disgusting. look at her face...she would be gorgeous if she wout EAT!!!!!!

  5. I love having boobs and an ass..thats gross & sad.women were ment to have who like to fuck sticks should just admit homosexuality and be done with it, not force their wierdness on normal soft curvacious women.

  6. iShart - Inspired by doing booty bumps with a fey named Hey. ?? Please explain this to me. I don't understand. thanks.

  7. Might be time to lay off the diet cola? heh


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