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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quick Question

  We hear about Tea Party types using taglines like freedom and liberty, which is quite hunky-dory . But I'm left with a remaining question :

  Why are uberconservatives so concerned with infringing on the rights of others? Think about it- no gay marriage (incarcerate those bastards too) , no abortion, no Islam, abstinence-only education, forced creationism, single people and atheists can't adopt, hate-crimes laws are evil, etc. I wonder if Aboriginal tribes forced out in favor of oil and mineral exploration think they live in the land of the free. I wonder if raped women denied Plan B by some conveniently religious doctor think they're blessed by all of the liberty of their nation. And towing the "we hate globalization" line while promoting invasion of countries we don't agree with thing sounds a little Lebensraum to me.

  That doesn't sound free to me- in fact that sounds mighty restrictive to me.

  You CAN be a fiscal conservative without trampling all over the rights of other people- Republicans used to be at the forefront of the idea. In fact, loads of those old-school guys were agnostics (for shame!) who still believed that a human can pray to whatever they want . (or not accordingly) So when did that idea of actual individual liberty go the way of the Dodo? When exactly did 2 glorious neighbouring nations decide that they are theocracies? Was I sleeping when this happened?


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