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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art Of Noise : Fighting For Ithaca

  Almost every band starts out playing in dive bars, and these guys are no exception. The first time I heard these guys was in a strip club in Vancouver. Fighting For Ithaca opened for a band called One Star City that my homie Phil was playing drums in. And like OSC, they rocked the joint so I started following their music, which has certainly grown.

  Fast forward til about a month ago. FFI needed a drummer so the rad boy Phil Maloney packed up his kit and joined the fun. And I couldn't be happier not only for Animal , but also for FFI for scoring such a rad dude. And while they're busy writing new stuff, enjoy a tasty treat and get to know these 5 local boys who are on their way to making ears all over very happy.


P.S. Because every little guy does start off needing new strings and sticks(and underwear), don't steal, instead make a dandy 99 cent donation on iTunes and you'll take the noise wherever you go. FFiTunes  <---click me

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  1. OK, as if I didn't already find you go and do THIS! You're better than a double rainbow mixed with cupcakes and world peace.



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