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Friday, September 17, 2010

What Is Real? Meet Paul Day

  This video was played on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight and it has caused a stir. In it, a guy named Billy spews the usual stereotypes about rednecks whilst coming to the conclusion that Rachel is a lesbian vampire.
  Now even if you think MSNBC is part of some communist plot, just watch the video. Trust me.

  Billy has been getting a TON of hate mail and letters of admiration for his political stances. Those on the far left are AGHAST at the beliefs of this man from Jekyll Island, Georgia and think he is the type of guy that encompasses what is wrong with America. Those on the right are cheering on this gold old boy in his fight against towelheads, Canada, and homosexuals.

  But what some Maddow Show viewers  don't know is that Billy Bob isn't a real guy. He's not even from Georgia. As patriotic as he may be, Billy Bob is not a real dude. He's a character, one that I've played on in the live version of a satirical post.

  Billy Bob Neck is the alter ego of computer geek and dad of two Paul Day. The self-employed father of teen daughters came up with his alias during the 2004 presidential election to cause a visceral reaction and make people aware. Mr. Day lives in Waterdown, Massachusetts and is a member of the Unitarian church. He's an intelligent fellow who simply wants people open their minds, gain awareness of important political issues, and have a laugh at the same time.

  What amazes and disgusts me is the amount of support that this caricature gets from people who believe him to be a real teabagging wingnut. Mr. Day's act has been so carefully crafted; with a website, radio show, and Twitter account as Billy Bob that he's got his own right-fringe following.
  There really are folks in America just like Billy Bob who exist to spread hatred and concoct conspiracy theories, and they are running for public office. From Birthers to unabashed theocrats, there are truly people that insist that their god is greater than yours, that gays can be cured, and that rape victims should be prevented from getting abortions. Those who claim to honour liberty have zero issue with interfering with yours. Billy Bob Neck may not be real, but the message he spurts is resonating all over the western world in boardrooms and arenas with a paying audience.

  If you discover that you are starting to sound like Billy Bob, question yourself. Do you truly believe in what you are saying or have you been so caught up in a high tide that you have become your own caricature?

   And if my blog hasn't convinced you that Billy Bob Neck isn't a real person, I have a video for you.

Incidentally, after I originally posted this the Maddow blog posted Paul Day's comedy profile.


  1. Paul is articulate, thoughtful and talented. He was interviewed extensively on Monday night on's Ya Think? (It can be heard there in the Ya Think? archive or via iTunes, fyi) His talent extends to music, too. Impressive guy.

  2. Paul Day is one rad dude. I'll be checking him out on the iGadget


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