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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reality Chick


  One of the funniest, crassest, craziest fuckers left our world today.

  Greg Giraldo is one of those guys so brave and talented that he could roast God, and unfortunately he's going to get that chance after a mere 44 years with the rest of us. Greg Giraldo was taken like so many of our friends- he took enough prescription drugs to stop his body from living.

 Prescription painkillers are something I know a ton about; not simply because I've lost those close to me, but because I used to be addicted to them. And I'm going to tell you something, they are amazing. It feels fantastic to not be in pain, but after awhile opiates remove your ability to feel. These drugs used to be given in smaller quantities so that you would still hurt, but now people are so petrified of anything more than a pinprick. All someone needs to do is claim pain and a doctor will write out a slip...and another...and another. Your back won't hurt anymore and neither will what your uncle did when you were 8. You've now found a pretty little frienemy called Addiction.

 And I'm going to tell you a few things about this little wench..

  Addiction doesn't care if you're rich, if you've got kids, or if your mama is going to cry. It doesn't care if you're driving a schoolbus, climbing a scaffold, or sleeping your life away. The only thing Addiction wants you to do is to feed its cancer until it consumes you. You're dead now, but Addiction doesn't care because you've introduced her to your friends and family. And Addiction is immortal- a sociological vampire out for new victims, a beast that needs to be put into the ground before she can steal you. We have got to get together and ice this bitch.

Being afraid of a little pain can cause a whole pile more.

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