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Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's A Rare Moment...

...that I agree with Nancy Grace.

  You see, a heinous excuse for a 'parent' named Jessica Gamble was arrested after a video of her teaching her kid to smoke weed went viral.

   Ms. Gamble used her camera phone to record her 2 year old learning the first lesson in future hoodratery and then thought her buddies would think it was funny and e-mailed it to them. Naturally, at least one friend didn't see the funny and the waste of a womb is sitting in the tank in Ohio for various crimes relating to endangering the human she was sworn to protect. She's looking at around 11 years in the Pen when she's convicted, as I'm thinking she will be.

  So we get that the mum is a douchebaguette who should rot in the cage, but it was the reaction of two of the dingleshits on the show that shocked me. I can't recall their names, but one was a dude and the other a chick. Their response : "It's not like she sold her kid to a paedophile. It's not that big of a deal." (I'm paraphrasing here, but it's pretty damn close.)

  What the HELL? The fact that any two adults in America could use that analogy is abhorrent, let alone two guests on cable TV. Have we so regressed as a species that we use a kid getting raped and murdered as the barometer, the standard for what constitutes child abuse or not? Yes, it is fantastic that the twatwaffle didn't sell her offspring to an evil freak, but she's still a horrendously inept parent.  Let's line this up for ya'll here - she neglected her kid in untold ways, taught her how to smoke a spliff like a stoner, filmed it, and put it on the internet. Jessica Gamble should not be anywhere near a child and she should spend several years far away from them. I really hope that Ms. Gamble has attorneys as stupid as this pair of philosophical tits.

 I'm with Nancy here. A woman who does this deserves to be locked up.

 If you hear a funny noise, it is the sound of every neurotransmitter in my brain backfiring.

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