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Friday, September 17, 2010

WTBlue F*ck of the Weak

  A shocking and most horrible crime occurred recently in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia last weekend. At a field outside of a metro Vancouver-area rave, a 16 year old girl was drugged with GHB and gang-raped by a half-dozen disgusting men. And like a few other crimes of the like recently, nobody stopped this from happening. But it is what someone did during and after the attack that makes me ill.

  A 16 year old boy seemed to really enjoy the show and thinks this kind of thing is funny. He took photos and videos of this girl's trauma and then posted them on Facebook. This little stain on humanity not only did nothing to stop a dehumanizing assault on a helpless child, but decided to revictimize this girl by disseminating the most horrible moment in her life on the internet. What the HELL is wrong with our boys today?

  The RCMP arrested the little bastard and then released him without charge. WHY hasn't this shithead been charged as an accessory to the rape and for producing child pornography?

  I want to know about this kid's parents and those of the perpetrators of this attack. While people should be responsible for their actions, there is no way that any decent parent would raise these kind of degenerates without sleeping at the wheel. And don't give me the evil media argument here. I come from a generation raised on punk rock and horror movies and for the most part we don't have the sociopathy that is on display today. This kid saw a girl being viciously attacked, did nothing to stop it, and found it entertaining enough to videotape it and post it on a social network to try and shame a crime victim.

  In this new generation, girls are objects and rape is entertainment. The sheer audacity to post videos of a girl being gang-raped and laughing at it is a statement of what is absolutely wrong with our society. The 16 year old of today could become a leader in the future, and what kind will he be if he sees half of our population as chattel?

  The RCMP certainly needs to arrest every person involved in this public victimization, from the rapists to every person who has downloaded these sickening tapes and photographs. The parents of the kid who decided to use a family computer to transmit such filth should also be investigated to see if they can be held liable for the result of their incredible neglect. Rape is not the shame of the victim, but of the perpetrators and those who create them.

  Watch your kids. You have no idea who may be watching them.

  Photo of the rave in question courtesy of the RCMP.


  1. That is so nauseating. Someone else I follow posted a similar story about a bunch of kids filming the rape of a 12 year old outside of a school(by more than one boy) with their cell phones.

    I seriously don't understand the mentality (or lack of) in today's youth.

  2. Its sad but it's always been like this. Technology is just letting everyone know what the police have known for years. Evil does exist. Blame who you want but when that many idiots get together and not one has the common decency to make the right decision we have more then just a parental problem.


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