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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friends Don't Let Friends...

...wear socks and high heels at the same time.

  I had noticed a few instances of college kids wearing ankle (or higher) socks with high heels and assumed they just got a great batch of BC Bud, but the lovely (and more fashion-forward than I) Sarah clued me in that this monstrosity is actually the hot new fashion trend. I'm not joking here.

  Apparently, fashionistas are running out of ways to display their weird. The very same people who make fun of those who wear wool socks with sandals are all over this bizarre combination. While I can (barely) see the functionality of socks and sandals, this absolutely confuses me.

  WHO on Earth or the planet Lagerfeld comes from decided that this was a good idea? It cannot be a chilly feet thing, because I've bore witness to toeless socks with heels, so what the hell is the rationale for this abomination? Is Marc Jacobs just playing a sick joke to see if people are stupid enough to buy his shit while secretly making fun of the wealthy? I know I would do it if I was a style sadist.

  Ladies, if your feet are cold, there are very pretty boots that will elevate you and your fashion sense whilst keeping those tender peds safe from frostbite. Trust me, I'm from Canada. I know these things. (I told my mother about this trend and she gave me the stinkeye. She thought I was joking. now she's laughing. Loudly.)

  If any of my friends show up sporting this hideous mishmash from hell I'm forcing her to wear mukluks on the way to the nut ward. If people insist on making horrifying fashion decisions I'm going to start my own hot new statement. Yup girls, we're now going to wear bras over our shirts.

Crap, that's been done before.

Skirts over jeans, then.

Nope, kd lang rocked that in the 80's and it was brought back for an encore about 10 years ago.

I've got it!!! the next greatest combo you've got to grace the catwalk (or Jarvis street) in is... *drumroll please*

Adult diapers over lederhosen!!!

Seriously folks, this is getting ridiculous. Just because you have clothes doesn't mean you should wear all of them at once.

Just stop.


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  1. Haha... skirt over jeans looks weird.... maybe she just bought them new n wanted to show off? lol


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