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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cool Toy

  I am a hardware geek, and I have been since before many of you were born. I remember being absolutely amazed when my uncle built a computer that has a whopping 1-gigabyte hard drive in the 80's when most households had Commodore Vic 20's. Yes, even though i only use a computer for writing, when it comes to circuit-based toys I am an unabashed size queen. And if I was a really rad rich bastard or Soulja Boy, I'd get my paws on this glorious display of man's dominance over reality.

Feast your eyes on the Serena Williams of gaming:

 This is the Origin Big O- the X box 360 PC design to make any lady gamer cream her jeans.

  While you can customize it to your own specs, this beast above is absolutely amazing. This liquid-cooled magic machine combines the greatest computer you can buy with an X Box 360, making it not only the best gaming machine, but best anything ever created for videophiles, writers, and anyone who spends way too much time staring at a screen.

  This combination of beauty and power sports 12 gigs of RAM, 4 of the best video cards you can buy (separately liquid-cooled) , and over 4, 000 GB of storage. The 2 Intel Xeon processors can boost this beauty to upwards of 4.3 GHz (think Stealth jet versus your little Cessna, kids) From the Pioneer Blue-Ray burner to liquid-cooled motherboard to 8-channel HD audio, the Big O is designed for speed and performance. This is not just the best gaming machine on the market, but best Windows-based anything out there.

  Now for the bad stuff. While the PC won't be obsolete until you're dead, the X-Box 360 probably will. Somebody at Microsoft WILL come up with a system designed to make you see Todd Bertuzzi's nose hairs better. And since it's all wired in and cooled, you'll need an expert to replace the console with the latest, greatest device. I suppose affording an uber-geek will not be a problem if you can get over the biggest caveat of all- the PRICE.
  As configured, the Big O will set you back $17, 000 , roughly the price of a new Toyota Corolla. In fact, where I live, you could put a down payment on a 2 bedroom house with that kind of bread. The kind of market this caters to probably doesn't drive a Japanese compact sedan. The Big O is not designed for those of us who actually know how to maximize its potential, but to give us another reason to envy the oligarchy.

  So, trust-fund brats and music moguls, don't walk but run to Origin to score your very own monster machine. For the rest of us, we can dare to dream.

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