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Monday, September 6, 2010

Verbal Diarrhea of the Week

  Sports icons aren't always considered the best intellectual specimens, but they are big names and their brand makes a ton of money for networks in today's competitive environment. Guys who are truly quotable are a dying breed, but if a guy is one of the game's greatest, he or she will get a pass.

  Which brings us to Dan Hampton who, of all analogies he could have used, came up with this dandy.

  Yes, he said that the Vikings should hit New Orleans like Katrina.

   I know that nobody will confuse Danimal for John Wooden, or even Darren Pang for that matter, but this is just insane. I know this guy has had a number of whacks on the dome, but how does one come to the conclusion that this statement is clever or even remotely funny?

  Tonight he did offer something of an apology which sounded so ridiculous that it seemed kind of backhanded and didn't make it seem all that much better . In his words, the comment was " intended strictly as a metaphor for the storm-like intensity I believe the Vikings will bring to their rematch with the Saints". He also stated that he didn't think people would read anything into it.

  The Vikings play the New York Jets on October 11th. I hope Danimal leaves the metaphor production to the pros.

  They just don't make 'em like Yogi Berra anymore.

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  1. I almost wish that people who made verbal gaffes would just NOT apologize for PR reasons, and own their damn words. Forced "I'm sorrys" and explanations only come off as insincere.


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