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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Sober(ing) Thought

  Unless you were vacationing on Saturn a few months back, you know that Lindsay Lohan spent a few weeks in jail and a couple more in rehab because of multiple probation violations stemming from arrests from years back.

  And I did blog about it, once offering Lindsay advice on how to better herself in prison and again about the hypocrisy of the 'free Lindsay' movement . And I was attacked in my blog, on Twitter, and even in e-mails. I was told that I was exploitative and that I needed to get a life. That's fine and dandy. Unfortunately I was also slammed with ethnic slurs, threats, and insults to mine and my family's character, which is not okay. Even a veiled reference in a blog about poor children drew fire. All of this was related to fandom over a multiply-convicted felon, but even I suggested that Lindsay could still change her ways, that redemption was hers for the asking.

  Lindsay Lohan is not an innocent, and although her crimes were committed a few years ago, she is still accountable for those actions because she keeps violating her probation and extending the terms. Hollywood creates an environment of invincibility that most people have to stay far away from in order to have prolonged sobriety. It's a place where even the regular person can feel semi-famous, full of glitz and glamour to be sure, but also every vice you can imagine. It is one difficult place to keep yourself straight because every whim can be indulged for a price 24 hours a day.

  It comes as no surprise that she is failing drug tests mandated in the conditions of her release. I'm not happy about it, but not shocked. I truly want sobriety for anyone who seeks it and sometimes people live lives filled with enablers and are powerless to help themselves. I have several friends who have lost years of sobriety by slipping into the old ways, old towns, and old associates. You need to pursue serenity with every fibre of your being and keep constant and humble. Continuing the arrogance of the past will result in the same effects as it did prior, and there is no more selfish a disease as addiction.

  So fans, your idol screwed up. She did not do the things required to attain sobriety and stay on the positive end of the law. Barring a braindead judge who thinks that one can borrow someone else's bladder, she's going to be in a ton of trouble. It is a shame, but it is not astonishing. At least this time she's owning up to it instead of blaming someone else. That is the first step, and as long as an individual remains on Earth, he or she can repeat the steps until they truly get it.

  So before you assault me with your words, think about what makes you think that the famous are infallable in the first place. If she's willing to state her imperfections, why do you insist that she is something she is not? The expectation of perfection is what fuels the fire of addiction. Lindsay Lohan is a human being who has made mistakes and will pay for them just like anyone else.

  If you or someone you know is suffering from the addiction affliction, go HERE for some information that might save a life. It saved mine.

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