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Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Follow Friday

  Follow Friday is the Twitter institution that spreads the word about the cool people that you follow to your friends. Nowadays,  people seem to post their entire buddy lists without mentioning anything about why these folks are interesting.But I'm not like that.

  In that vein, my Follow Friday this week is a bright young man who won't always agree with you, but will make you think. Evan Barnes is a sports writer and generally awesome man that I speak to or tweet at on a daily basis.
  He's a young guy who believes in personal responsibility and frequently writes about everything from his love of sports to pop culture and politics. Evan is a passionate and compassionate gentleman who does give us hope . And today marks the anniversary of his 26 years on the planet.

  If you are one the Twitter, wander over here and offer some birthday love to one of the most promising young guys I've met in a very long time. And whether you are on the Twit or not, check out Evan's blog for some insight into what makes a really cool cat tick.

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