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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Attn.: Los Angeles

  This scumbag is in your midst and he's near your children.

  This man is David Frost and he should be nowhere near your young folks. He's a notorious former hockey agent who floated on molestation charges because his hockey-playing victims refused to testify against him. He's also known as the man that former St. Louis Blues forward Mike Danton tried to have killed . Apparently his hold on Danton was so strong that the only way the young player thought he could be safe is if Mr. Frost vanished. He's hated because he is an awful human being.

  While David Frost was acquitted, he was formally charged with 12 counts of sexually exploiting children and the girlfriends of the players did testify as to his evil. The players knew they'd be blacklisted and clammed up. Hockey is not a pretty world, and victims of crimes are demonized under the homophobic cult that breeds addicts and assholes. Mr. Frost is not innocent.

 He has  been convicted of assaulting a former player and blacklisted from the OHL because his players displayed behavioral problems. He's been nailed for forging parents' signatures on documents and was investigated by the police for a sexually-charged abuse of a 13 year old that was even photographed. These are all things he has been documented as doing.

  Mr. Frost resides in Laguna Niguel under the name Jim McCauley under the protection of his cult-like circle of hockey buddies. All they care about is the fact that his training has put a couple of guys in the NHL.

  Mr. Frost...err McCauley has claimed repeatedly that Mike Danton never put a hit on him. Mr. Danton served over 7 years in prison for doing exactly that. David Frost lives in a bizarre world of his creation where he in infallable. He's also claimed that he's not working with kids. The truth is that he's employed by the Laguna hockey Academy and may have influence over your kid. Think about it- if he did nothing wrong, why would he change his name and why would he claim not to be hanging around with kids?

  This hideous stain has been run out of pro hockey and all facets of the game in Canada. He is so notorious that people retch upon hearing his name. Recognize his photo and remember it. Keep your children away from the Laguna Hockey Academy and be sure to tell the administrators why.

Watch your kids. You never know who may be watching them.

"This is what I do. This is what I've always done. I'm not gonna change." - David Frost Sept. 29, 2010

Watch this video immediately HERE

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