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Monday, September 20, 2010

Facebook Related Post Of The Week

  Kids do some absolutely stupid shit when it relates to social networks, and after looking at the pages of my 14 year old sister and her buddies, I can say that youthful dumbassery is pretty universal.

  One of the 'fun' ways kids can interact with their mates is to make Event pages. On these, they can advertise their pep rally, bar mitzvah, or in the case of one British kid, birthday party.

  Rebecca Javeleau is a London-area girl who will be turning 15 soon. How darling. She decided to make a FB page detailing her party and even regrettably posted her home address. However, the teen forgot to make the event private. And her brain fart has gone viral.

  By the time distressed mum -also named Rebecca- got wind of the Facebook event page and pulled it over 21, 000 people had RSVPed. Having the absent-minded girl's address, several new Event pages have popped up all over the network and thousands of kids plan to take over this kid's birthday no-longer party. (it's no longer a party because mummy is so pissed that she called the thing off)

  Local police have already booked extra beat cops for October 7th to ensure the safety of the family and their home and little Rebecca is grounded.

  Now I could go into a rant on how Facebook needs to restrict certain categories to adults and make event pages closed by default, but I'm not going to. This clusterfuck is evidence that my words will only confirm.

  To my younger siblings: if you ever do this to your mother I will beat you senseless.


  1. Don't worry, i'm confident i have more intelligence than this rebecca chick. and i won't do that to my mom ever.

    - Caitlin


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