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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scumbag Of The Weak

  This is William Bendert, Pastor of a Lutheran Church in Lake Orion, Michigan. And he is one depraved individual.

  The perverse preacher was arrested after showing up to a hotel in the hopes of offering 'sexual training services' to what he thought was a mother and her 11 year old daughter.

  The shameless married man courted an FBI informant online thinking it was a mother who wanted spiritual and sexual training for her child. He bragged about having no sense of guilt and of having offered the molestation service to other girls in terms so morally repugnant I'm not going to post them. (If you absolutely MUST, you can read them HERE and HERE) The disgusting 51 year old sworn to protect children sent e-mails so someone he thought was a child discussing sex in disturbing detail and the 'games' that molesters play to relax their victims for their purposes. What's worse, he engaged in most of the behaviour from his office in the church.

 People often opine that priests are pederasts because they are not allowed to marry, but look at this bastard- he's married. Seriously damaged people enter into positions of influence at a disturbing rate to get closer to their prey. The trusted servant of God could be Satan in cloth. It is becoming so difficult to know who to trust that I can understand why parents are so protective. The stain on humanity above is exactly why we must be constantly vigilant.

  As for 'Mr.' Bendert, I hope he rots in Hell after a very lengthy prison sentence. After this arrest, I wish for every baby this slug touched comes out of the woodwork and he does life shacked up with some thugs who will show him a new definition of training. There are no words to describe how much I absolutely hate someone who harms a child; all I can do is wish all of the merciless misery in the world upon his head.

  Watch your kids. You have no idea who may be watching them.

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