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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Confusing Product of the Week

 During the later hours I've been known to scour the webs for interesting things to take my mind off of a world that is all too serious, and I'm a fan of all things nutty. Often times this brings me to an online grocer, which is generally the cause of my Kardashi-ass, but tonight is a source of confusion. When I came upon this, I had to share my bizarre discovery with you.

Powdered peanut butter.

The package touts that it has 75% less fat than the normal kind and that's all fine and dandy, but I'm still confused. Are you supposed to sprinkle it on your crumpets in the morning? What is the purpose of this product, other than to make you want to run out for a jar of Skippy? The copy claims that it is great for outdoor sports, but at 10 dollars for 6 ounces, I can think of cheaper things to kick around the field. (not to mention the mess when you give it a swift kick in the direction of the uprights)

Peanut butter gets most of its yumminess from fat. Reconstituting a brown powder with water makes it into mud, not a bread spread. When I want a PB and J, I want an energy-packed power food to get me through the day. Putting watery slurry on bread doesn't sound so appealing after it's been in my lunch box for 6 hours; actually it sounds soggy. As for the powder form, it just seems so strange.

But I could be wrong. Have any of you tried this? Could anyone shed light on why someone would want or need peanut-scented Bisto?

I'm going to bed to dream of Jif commercials from the 80's now.


  1. I'll stick with real peanut butter and a big butt, thanks!

  2. I bought a few jars of this stuff out of curiosity. By itself, it's quite dry and unpleasant...mixed with water, it becomes a sort of synthetic peanut butter, with a decent flavor but a creepy texture and mouth feel. The people who sell it suggest mixing with jam or jelly instead, which to me sounds highly caloric and unappealing.

    I think it's actually just a byproduct from production of peanut oil, something that is probably normally sold to go into livestock feed.

    The one place it might be useful is baking cookies or other confections. Of course that's only because it would be reunited with the oil from which it was so cruelly separated, in the form of butter or shortening.


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