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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Is Child Abuse

  Some of you may have noticed my postings about religious division- from Muslims harassing Christians in Michigan to vicious anti-Semites like Fred Phelps to the book-burner Terry Jones, I've basically covered them all.
  They're all reports on the ways in which religious and cultural interpretations  have gone horribly awry.

  And this is what hatred and misunderstanding breed. The video you are about to watch is not for the squeamish. The two innocents featured are the children of a suicide bomber. Instead of honouring the children and feeling sorry for their loss, this delusional interviewer is trying to force a child to recite a modern song about murdering others.

  This is what happens when man decides that he knows the will of the Creator and will lie to children. These kids do not know that those in Gaza enjoy a higher standard of living than Turkey, that the 72 virgins thing is a fabrication,  these babies do not know that what they are being taught is horribly wrong. They just want to talk about playing with their mates like other kids. The worst form of abuse their mother made was choosing suicide murder. No child can comprehend the idea of their mother being evil at such an age any more than the offspring of a Neo-Nazi can understand that their parents are sick.

  My hope for these two beautiful babies is that we can evolve to such a point that they will not grow up to be terrorists like their mum was. Children are not born to hate, but they are being groomed daily by selfish assholes who are too chicken to pull the trigger themselves. This is extremism at its worst, a form of psychological genocide of one's own people. It is the exact thing that decent people come to the west to escape from.

  This is not Islam. This is evil.

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