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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sour Grapes?

  Joe Montana has spoke up against former college football player  Rudy Ruettiger, basically calling his 1975 Notre Dame team mate a joke and saying that the 5'6" Defensive End didn't work any harder than anyone else.
  The star of the Notre Dame team acknowledged that the little dude did indeed get a sack against Georgia Tech, but that players carried him off as kind of a joke and that the guy wasn't inspiring to anyone.

  Naturally, other members of the squad have spoke up against Joe, saying that the story portrayed in the 1993 film Rudy was true with a little typical Hollywood license.

  But why the Montana hate? I mean Joe eventually became the star of the team, went on to make millions, and scored Super bowl glory. Rudy made 2 plays in his entire career including the memorable sack. Can't he just let a guy who did have to work his butt off have his moment?

  The fact of the matter is that 165-pound Defensive Ends just don't happen, let alone get sacks. Rudy was inspiring- a dyslexic kid who applied to get into Notre Dame repeatedly until he was finally accepted at age 26. He was a high-school football star and served in the Navy before entering college.
  This is a guy who did have to work harder than most folks to get to where he is and has spent his adult life helping children.

  I cannot understand why Joe Montana needs to open his mouth and irritate his former team mates by slamming a truly decent man a full 17 years after a movie about his life was made. Attempting to tarnish the image of a true man who got to live his dream for a moment at 27 through hard work makes Joe Montana look like a bitter old cow. Yes, I understand that old #16's star is fading in his mind, but acting like a jealous, petty douchenozzle won't win any points with fans. Then again, Joe Montana is notoriously crappy with fans anyways, seemingly oblivious to the reason why he can make mega-dollars promoting crap that is essentially useless.

  Joe, get back to shilling ugly shoes and leave the nice guys alone.

For your enjoyment, here's the real play that inspired the cheesy movie

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