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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Media Moment

  As someone who sees a ton of websites as part of my side gig at BlogPrWire, I've noticed a ton of mum bloggers who are outraged because of a commercial airing on Spike TV.

  In a targeted advert, Axe plugs a detailer designed to clean your balls. While there are numerous euphemisms (and a few stereotypes), it's pretty clear that man balls are the ones Axe is talking about.

Watch the ad for yourself (various shorter ones have also aired after complaints) and see if it disturbs you or whether you find it acceptable.

  I personally find the commercial in  bad taste, but I'm also considering the network it is aired on as well. I saw the commercial tonight while my housemate was watching wrestling, which I find inappropriate for young viewers anyways. It's also a network that specifically targets the college-aged man with shows like Manswers and 1000 Ways to Die. It's a channel that honours tastelessness and immature adult behavior, so the ad seems to fit in with the format.

  While I imagine that it is probably shocking to some parents to see this, maybe those parents should be monitoring the channels kids have access to instead of expecting Spike to be their nanny. It's a crass channel with suitably crass ads during shows that your kids probably shouldn't be watching. If it is absolutely awful to you, change the channel.

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