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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Customer Service 01010101010101010

  I was suckered into a 3 year contract with Telus Communications that recently expired . It didn't seem to big a big deal to have them , after all they are the default phone and ISP for Western Canada and I was brand loyal . I always went with Bell back home and since I was out west , Telus was just IT .
And I was wasting my hard-earned dollars .
I accepted the speed at my previous house , but when I moved a mile away , Telus tried to slap me with a $455 termination fee because I moved into a dead zone of low connectivity . Eventually , they reneged and hooked me up with their "best" for $32 a month . I was already paying their atrocious scam rate for phone service . I complained and was given the " we know you are in a dead zone and loads of our customers are complaining , but we're not replacing the lines so suck it ." dealio .
I KNEW there had to be something better . I had complained about my lack of cable quality to the TV Gods at Shaw and guess what ? They replaced ALL of the lines coming into my building to keep me loyal , no questions asked . I am a loyal customer and they wanted to keep me and my entertainment dollar away from their competitors . Plus , their customer service people seemed far more helpful than the outsourced twits at Telus .
Today , a guy from Shaw came in and installed internet service claimed to be as high as 7.5 MBPS , and trust me brand loyal me was a lil bit tentative about it . Until I downloaded Kashmir in less than 5 seconds . Even better , it costs the same amount of money as Telus' dead zone and considerably less than I was paying for their high speed that I now realize was SO inferior.
I speed-tested the new service and it is actually FASTER than they claim and that's just awesome . Imagine the concept of giving a customer what they are paying for and then some . On average 50 TIMES FASTER than the old standby .
I'm gonna hook up their phone service soon and save even more money .

Telus needs to genuinely listen to their customers' wants and needs or they won't have very many left . At the end of the day , communications is service-driven and if you don't provide that , people will go elsewhere . No wonder why Telus collectively shat themselves when they lost their monopoly and competitors got into the phone and internet game - they KNEW that their products were inferior and that the best service was for people in affluent areas . And thus far they have used brand allegiance without caring about average working-class people . When they saw that slipping they used cheap promotions and oppressive contracts to trap people into a monthly purchase of a lower grade product .  People  can't afford to be blindly loyal when they are struggling to afford old conveniences . And they are leaving.
The snobs at Telus have lost yet another long-time customer who will not be returning .

And you thought Capitalism was such a bad thing.

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  1. I know the feeling. I had a similar problem with Cox Communications and AT&T/Direct TV. Cox came out to my home at least 3 times to fix my internet that was 'down' more often than 'up'. Finally, we discovered it could not be fixed because they would not rewire the neighborhood with the new (and obviously mandatory) fiber optic cables. We are now with AT&T/Direct TV and are getting better service(internet never goes down)and more service (more TV channels and a land-line phone that will work even if the electricity and/or cable goes out) for less money.


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