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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is Wanda Barzee and she is a worst-class scumbag . you might not recognize her now , but she was married to Brian Mitchell when he kidnapped , tortured , and imprisoned Elizabeth smart a number of years ago .
While she didn't participate in the most heinous crimes against the body of Ms. Smart , she helped Mitchell brainwash the young woman and permitted the whole horror show by enabling her husband . It's clear to anyone on the outside that she was indeed a victim as well , but she's not feeling ours or anyone else's pity .
Today , Wanda Barzee pled guilty to kidnapping Ms. Smart and will testify against her husband . She's not getting any sweetheart deal either .

  This stain on the human species didn't claim to be a victim and while she pled out , she's not asking for sympathy or a wimpy sentence . She will likely spend the rest of her days behind bars where she belongs with the other douchebaguettes . And she agrees with the whole idea because she recognizes that what she did was absolutely inhumane and accepts the consequences of her actions and inactions .  She didn't pass the blame onto her creepshow ex while she humbly told the world what she did to deserve her sentence . She took RESPONSIBILITY for herself and apologized with everything she has in her .

Unlike her ex , who is hiding behind a psychiatric "defense" , she owned up .
She'll be doing at least 15 years which at 64 means she will no longer see the unguarded light of day . And everyone feels that this is just . She'll probably do harder time than her old man , and that really isn't justice because he should spend the remainder of his days with the worst sociopaths that hell has to offer . Time will tell whether or not he has to pay for what he did to an incredibly decent and serene young woman , but for now , Wanda will be doing her time like the criminal she knows that she is .

  After seeing psychopaths like Karla Holmolka weasel their unrepentant selves down to princess sentences with the victim claim , it's at least somewhat of a comfort to know that at least one of these bitches can stand accountable and pay full price for what they did to violate the laws of humanity.

 Nancy Garrido - are YOU listening?

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