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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tomorrow , Thank The Little Guy

Tomorrow is the day of the dead . Yes , millions of people are going to be eating the flesh of another living being without a thought , without any respect for the animal that has given up his life for someone's satisfaction . I have killed thousands of living beings for my tastebuds or those of others . Even the first job I had when I moved to this island involved "processing" the corpses of animals . I hereby challenge all of you people to go catch a turkey and kill it . If you are reasonably agile and not incredibly loud , it's really easy to do . Simply grab it's leg , slam it down, and slit it's throat . Hold onto the bird (use your common sense so it doesn't carve YOU) and try not to look into his eyes as the life leaves his body . If you're a really lucky cat , your sweetheart will gut it and pluck all the feathers for you and allow you to take all the glory after perfectly preparing the delicious corpse for your guests. If you think the idea is somehow horrifying to your sensibilities , maybe you should leave animals off of your plates or at least buy them from a local farmer so you can personally give thanks to someone who can take a life for your family's enjoyment. Support the little guy who has to do the dirty deeds up close and personal instead of a factory conglomerate that makes huge profits off of human and animal misery. Besides , you are not only doing a favour for the "little guy" , but for the Earth , and your family's well being . Animals that are not inbred , abused , and pumped full of chemicals are less likely to make you sick . It might cost you an extra dollar a pound , but that shouldn't detract you from doing the right thing . While you're shopping , you can reduce your carbon footprint by buying local spuds and corn and keep someone from getting the gift of foreclosure for the holidays.
Mom and Pop cannot be the backbone of the economy without YOU .

Be safe .

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