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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Los Angeles - Find This Amoeba

  This is Miguel Herrera and he is the WORST . He hates women and loves to make sure that his old lady knows who the boss is . On Halloween , he ordered his girl to come over and she showed up late . Traffic is a bitch in LA any time , but Halloween is going to set you back a few minutes . Instead of being a typical worried guy , he was outright pissed and figured he was going to teach mama a lesson . 
He then proceeded to beat her senseless with his fists , whip her with a cord , and stab her . He poured corrosive acid all over her face and tried to make her drink it . When he was done with all of this , he raped her for an extra measure of degradation . The amazing part is she escaped his hellhole and managed to lose him in a car chase from hell . 

Now , while the victim will survive , this creepshow is out there . That's right , this fuckface is roaming around Los Angeles and he drives a red 2005 Nissan Titan truck . A big tank to compensate for a pathetically small man . This isn't his truck , but sorta what it will look like . 

If you are happenin around LA and you see this punk , make him your bitch    beat the shit out of him  call the LAPD so he doesn't kill some woman. 

This is never okay.

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