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Monday, November 16, 2009

What's Wrong With America In A Nutshell

The people who produced this and other videos have tax-exempt status . That means YOU are paying for the Westboro Baptist Church to openly promote execution of people in the name of God . They picket funerals of killed military members PRAISING the enemy . They claim that Major Hassan was set from God to murder people as punishment for what they see as America's wrongs . They stalk and harass elderly Holocaust victims and even little children at their schools . 
If they were Muslims , we would call them terrorists . We most certainly would not be giving them every tax break imaginable.
This is one of the milder productions that Fred Phelps' web-savvy grandkids produced . Their latest parodies Havah Nagilah and is so repulsive I'm not going to post it , but you can find it at along with other bastardizations if you dare . 
American taxpayers , this is what YOU are paying for 

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