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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WTBlueFuck Of The Day

Carrie Prejean has been (in my opinion , justly) dissed for being a dingbat , and probably 
homophobic , but this takes the fucking cake.
It's not that shocking for someone to have a magically "discovered" sex tape , but cue to 2:45 here and give a wee listen.

She was 17!!! She's fucking admitting to being involved in child pornography , but is such a 
potzevateh that she doesn't seem to realize it .

So , yeah TMZ , if any of you dipshits has viewed this , you are a CRIMINAL. Harvey , you are a 
fucking lawyer and I'm thinking that you know that you cannot legally leak this shit . Or I hope.

I'm dumbfounded.

And Carrie has no right to tell ME which ADULTS I can groove with .

There is just way too much idiocy in this story for my brain to comprehend .


  1. And people wonder why I am against beauty pageants...*rolls eyes*

  2. Check your blog settings, hon - can't read all the words because it's cutting them off. Mine started doing it too!

  3. in the middle ages she'd be known for being the village idiot.
    today, she's a top news story... this is worrying.

  4. Hmmm A typical day in america! whats the big smeal? True, the only reason the taped is not on the market is beacuase of the age, or is it. You should at least be allowed to see a censored version to acertain if it indeed actually exists. this could also be just crafty marketing. But anyway the truth is The money gets made, and thats the bottom line. Like I was saying at the dinner table the other night. In todays world every one can have their william hung 15 minutes of fame, you just have to have the courage and the insight to seize upon it.

  5. This is the first time I have ever really paid attention to this story. I never cared and I still don't. Who the fuck is she? She wants her 15 minutes of fame and she's getting it. I'm just not watching it while she's getting it.


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