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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hypocrisy Teabagger Style

  Nazi analogies have been used to further all kinds of opinions and to smear. Ford and others used such images as an ideal , and current activists use them to paint their opponents as vile . All in all , it's a pretty sick circumstance that takes away from the original point , which IS the point entirely . It is done to create a blind , brainless reaction .

At a recent Teabagger rally , all kinds of imagery were on display - Images of Obama as a Nazi juxtaposed off those depicting Obama as an Israeli puppet. See , rednecks can't make up their minds - Hitler is bad , but so are Jews . If you don't get it , you are not alone.

The image above takes the shitstain cake . It equates Obama's policies with mass extermination and uses an image of murdered people at Dachau to further the point. Naturally , this is repugnant for all of the obvious reasons , but leaves me confused. Since most Baggers are Evangelical Christians , wouldn't all those dead Jews , Gypsies and queers be a GREAT thing? I mean , that's what they preach at their Churches every Sunday . And sure as shit they weren't murdered by a Black dude - it was their buddy Hitler .After all , I've never heard of a Democrat running a Holocaust "revisionist" website.
I just fucking LOVE how people who spend their lifetimes hating other people use images of dead people they hate to promote hatred on someone they want you to hate while claiming that they are victims of the same ethnic group as the people in the images .

Stupid Teabaggers need to get their own pictures of massacred rich , white , Christian Conservatives to prove their point .

Oh , WAIT! There aren't any.

I wish these fuckwads an eternity of having the hairiest Jew balls gently caressing their pasty visages.

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