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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Jury Is IN


Tila "Tequila" Nguyen has hit a reprehensible new low. She can engage in all of the grandiose yet shitty showmanship she wants , and it doesn't matter so long as she hurts nobody other than herself in her self-involved quest for stardom she doesn't deserve . That , I really don't care a bit about . She's free to parade her damaged self all over the place and spread her legs for the masses like the internet stripper she is . Some would argue that it's entertainment and no worse than Playboy , and I tend to agree. Everyone loves a celebrity mess , especially when she's doing a striptease on UStream while proclaiming her love for the ladies. 

But what if she was going to sell out decent people who have done NOTHING wrong ? What if Tila took it upon her ego to out people and fuel hatred ? What will you do when she comes after you ?

This is happening right now. Tila Nguyen is starting up a new celebrity gossip site and she promises to betray the confidences of people and tell salacious tales of the personal lives of the famous because she feels it's her divine right to hurt other human beings for the entertainment of the masses and herself . I have been quietly watching her and her new websites unfold . And here are a few quotes from the self-proclaimed new "King of Hollywood" : 
"As a matter of fact , I know an A-list Celeb who pretends that she LOVES men , but she's secretly a lesbian." 
"ohhhhhh another HUUUUUUUUUUUGE A-List MAle Celeb I know is DEFINITELY GAY, but nobody knows it. They suspect but not sure...I KNOW HE IS!"
"Omg I know much juicy shit just by being friends with these people and being on the inside. THERE'S LOTS U DONT KNOW, BUT I DO!"
"There is another MALE that is EXTREMELY rich, powerful, and famous....and he pretends he's straight...BUT HE IS ALSO TOTALLY GAY!!!"

And there are hundreds of tweets all along the same vein from Tila proclaiming that she is going to out anyone and anyone she feels deserves it , because at some point someone seriously destroyed this woman's sense of self so much that she only feels better by hurting people , by exacting revenge no matter the costs . Careers and even lives are on the line and Tila sees her star fading , so she is intent on taking anyone down she can . The only thing she feels can resolve all of her demons is to take down and replace one-time friend Perez Hilton by spilling the beans on her "friends" . Those are mighty high aspirations , lady. 


  Listen up , you morally bankrupt little sociopath . You are a self-involved , backward bitch who deserves no fucking happiness or acclaim . You are NO friend to gay people . We fucking hate you and want you far away from us , which is why the only people who want to fuck you are 18 year old groupies . If harm comes to ONE human being because of your actions , i hope you get those porcelain overlays kicked out of your skull . I used to pity you , but now I want to vomit whenever your presence is known . 

Now go do something productive like claim you don't drink and dance yourself off of your balcony .

Bye , bitch.



  1. Just another train wreck ..anyone that associates with the lil hellion deserves what they get. hollywierd is a cut throat place, they will sell you out just for the sheer joy of it. these black hearted soul less slime of the underbelly will leave no mark on this world. will leave no good behind. it is their lack of self respect, their attention whoring,their need to be noticed, thats what motivates them. fuck her. i was personally hoping for the twitter suicide. At least follow through on something in you squalid little existance.

  2. that girl needs to be sectioned, medicated and hugged.


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