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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scumbag Of A Lifetime

  Some people are just not worth being alive . The first one in the picture is obviously the damaged fuckhead who felt it his right to rape and murder this little girl . He's a fail as a human and will certainly spend the remainder of his days learning what it means to be a victim.
But how did he get hold of this angel in the first place?

Her MOTHER , entrusted by God to protect her from harm , GAVE her to Mario McNeill to do what he wished because she owed someone money . She sold her baby to perverts because she wanted a fuckin hit . It's all in the human trafficking charges she is charged with . But why not charge the demented bitch with murder? Even if she had no intentions of her child being killed , she murdered her soul and should be charged with everything stemming from ever instance that she sold an innocent to be abused in ways adults cannot even imagine . She should never see the light of day because Antoinette Davis CHOSE to have someone rape and murder her own trusting HUMAN child because she was too chickenshit to accept the responsibilities of owing someone money . Antoinette Davis raped her child as sure as any of the men and she should be subject to the same penalty .
    Douchebaguette Davis could have given the child to the baby's father , dropped her off at a hospital , handed her to a cop but all she saw someone she birthed as was a commodity to get her what she wanted .
In a competely hypothetical context , if I was Antoinette Davis I would have dropped the kid off with a safe adult and done the world a favour and blown my head off .
   Instead she's gonna offer up every cop-out her and her lawyers can invent to defend herself against the indefencible .
  Shanya Davis was 5 years old . Nobody stepped up to defend her when she cried . And nobody should defend her "mother" . Even Satan himself couldn't imagine someone or something so depraved .
   Antoinette Davis is only alive because it's illegal to shoot her , but I'm thinking that people will be lining up to torture this scumbag until she hangs herself. And as much as I disapprove of the taking of a life , this might be my exception.


  1. -i am speechless. i dont tolerate violence in any which ways, but in this case, her mother deserves what's coming her way (beating, torture or hell even the firing squads) bring 'em all!

  2. Dude, WTF. YA I don't think the firing squad cuts iA.Davis kills herself. What a f'n horrible person. I just don't understand how people become so selfish.

  3. I agree with anonymous..'cept all those options are probably too good for her. I wish she had to endure whatever agonies that precious angel endured, and then face the above options.
    As paerents we're given the most incredible gift when we have kids. I can't even fathom what can be so wrong with this woman that she could have done this. She isn't even worthy of Hell.

  4. actually I don't KNOW i she's horrible or for justus she will have to put up with the consequences of her actions...sumtimes you get all fouled up with drugs or whatever that u can't think strait;)

  5. Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think-geez threats still?;)

  6. Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think..I hope you say the same things to your own family..if not then u better think! BTW-in case u had no clue, the web and anything said can ALLWAYS be followed and tracked down.Have a nice life and whatever God u choose bless you!


Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think