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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Truth Is Funnier Than Fiction

  Watch this video. This chair is pretty awesome and it's on Ebay right now. Now , riding a lawnmower/mini sofa seems harmless enough and a lot of people are pissed that it was siezed , including the preivious owner . (He's considerably less pissed now that the money is NOT going to be used to buy a new cop car) The thing is , the dude was 3 times the legal driving limit and he injured himself and another person crashing it while gooned . Drunk driving is fucking stupid . It's even dumber when you can't get out of your fucking Barcalounger to go to the store and you take a passenger . And how do you explain to your insurance company that your car was damaged by a CHAIR going 30MPH? If I was the deskjockey at State Farm I'd laugh at you and call the koo-koo squad . Maybe the car and /or it's owner should sue for emotional anguish .

  96 lazy bastards have pushed the price of this ultimate wheelchair to $40,100 as of 30 seconds ago. Apparently , "driving" easy chairs is some type of semi-sanctioned motorsport .
  If that's too expensive for you , you can score an autographed photo of Dennis Anderson sitting in the chair for around 400 bones.

Life is deliciously weird.

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