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Monday, November 30, 2009

Scumbags Of The Worst Kind

Part of the MySpace page featuring pictures of Clifford Olson.   
Kamloops is a beautiful city on the Thompson River with 90 , 000 people that still has a very close-knit , small town type of feel . People feel safe leaving their homes unlocked and kids often walk to school without the need for grownups . 
Until now. 

People are holding their kids a little bit closer because 4 local elementary schools have been sent letters so graphically detailing intended rapes of little girls , that even hardened cops could not read them without tears . According to handwriting analysis , they have all been written by the same predatory scumbag . 
Now , while it might just be an acting out or sick joke to some people , but it isn't . 
You have got to have a demented paedophile's brain to even THINK about torturing a child , let alone to use your demented nature to put it into script . This individual probably has either harmed a child or will in the near future . It's a GIVEN . These twisted stains on humanity are never satisfied with a fantasy . This "person" has used his fantasies to terrorize a town of decent people and is thoroughly ENJOYING causing fear . 

I do not know what breeds the sick segment of our world that feels entitled to harm children . A paedophile is not just a person that commits overt acts towards children , but is consumed by the mere idea . It has been suggested (through MRIs) that perverts have altered white matter in their brains ,  the average weirdo is smaller in stature than average (Toronto study of 1,000 perverts) , and other biological factors . If this really is some genetic fuck-up , then these people should be locked up for the protection of others until a REAL cure can be found . I am of the personal opinion that most of these fuckers are insecure little shitstains who enjoy an abnormal power imbalance , by the letter of the definition they are sadists . The unabashed narcissistic behaviour of paedophiles whom are often defended by "pederast rights groups" suggests that they know what they are doing is wrong and they just don't care . These damaged-beyond-repair beings claim that they have a valid sexual orientation and that the kids REALLY want it .
Hey asshole , 6 year old kids go to sleep dreaming of  horses and race cars , not getting kidnapped and ass-raped by a man who looks like their grandfather . Thats a FACT and there is nothing you can say or do to convince me otherwise . 

We need to ensure that written matter is classified as child pornography in every province and state in every country on the Planet and that anyone who displays the will to cause the worst possible anguish to a child is incarcerated in a prison or high security psychiatric facility until the end of his or her miserable life . One day a week , lock them in a room with a nothing but a straight razor . The people most cruel and unusual deserve no sympathy , but an existence of terror not unlike that they have caused to society's most vulnerable  . 

The photo above is from a MySpace "fan page" dedicated to Clifford Olson , a multiple sex offender who raped and murdered 11 girls and boys after he was released . There are several dedicated to he and child terrorist Paul Bernardo on the web , not to mention Gacy , Manson , and Juan Corona . The idea of fan clubs for these sick fucks is exactly what's wrong with society . 


  1. Well Michelle, that's is why we need constitutions and judicial bodies that can maintain rational oversight, even when dealing with sensitive and often appalling incidences like the one you mention. We need not only protection from the predators, but protection from the emotional irrationality that their actions precipitate. There was a time not long ago, where, otherwise rational law abiding citizens, commonally held the belief that homosexuality was a disease, that these people should be segregated, medicated, and most definitely kept away from children.

    Do not think for an instant, I am defending the actions of sexual predators, or somehow trying to normalize pedophilia as a sexual preference. It unlike homosexuality is a socio-psychological disorder. But just like the mentally ill in the dark ages, we choose just to demonize them, rather than effectively deal with, and treat them.

    These letters were most likely constructed by some form of sociopath, the disconnected thread bare fabric that we now call society breeds quite a selection of these today.

    And finally, we as a society have not lost our fascination with the macabre. So to say that Olson, Bernardo or Manson have followings doesn't surprise me in the least. John Dillinger had quite a following as he spread across America slaughtering all that unfortunately came between him and his obsession.

    To blow an onion when you come across things like this is quite normal, if not noble, but to grab a torch and join the mob heading to Frankenstein's castle is not.

  2. If there was any possibility of effectively treating someone with true sociopathy , that being a narcissistic absence of conscience , I would line the streets with people proposing to treat the afflicted . But , quite simply , there is no true way of treating someone who does not have the capacity to believe that they are truly ill .
    There have been victims of childhood crime that have repeated the pattern who are not psychopaths and can and have been treated , but for those like Clifford Olson who choose to terrorize others for their own sadistic joy , there is no such remedy .
    My hypothetical suggestion that sociopaths should be afforded the opportunity at suicide would never work in reality for you must intrinsically feel guilt in order to see yourself as undeserving of life .
    Such untreatable people must be removed from society for the greater good .
    Obviously , there should be more investment into understanding each individual , as opposed to permitting pattern offenders parole and giving lifelong sentences to those who can be fixed .
    If the person who wrote these letters is indeed doing so as a cry for help and desires true remedy from such distrurbance , he would walk into a facility for treatment as opposed to reaping terror on a community .
    Keep in mind that Clifford Olson played an audio of him raping and toruring a 14 year old on the telephone to her parents .
    People such as this do so because they see only joy in bringing pain to others , and as much as it would satisfy our based desires to hurt them in the same way , it would do little good since they are incapable of feeling in the same capacity as the majority of society .
    thusly , the only solution is incarceration .
    even though we may be giving them a mercy that they deny others , it is not our place to execute them , but if one or many of these monsters do the deed I will shed no tears for them .

  3. That being said , if Frankenstein should come to MY castle , what remains of him will be leaving in a bag .


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