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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Olympic Insanity

  This is Faisal Faisal and he's trying to be the first Iraqi to compete in the Winter Olympics a few months from now . It's been his dream for over 10 years . He's tried skiing , snowboarding , and speed skating . Because of an IOC rule , he cannot represent in speed skating because they have no tracks . So he found this sport - skeleton . They use the same tracks as bobsleigh , but you are propelled FACE FIRST down the ice and you don't have any steeing mechanism except your wits and prayers . On extreme runs , your body can be subject to forces close to 5G . And the people who race skeleton are not huge like those in Bobsleigh - the average MAN who does this is about my size and the women are even smaller. (Oddly , they both run at roughly the same speed )
These people are the glorious kind of insane that makes sport endear to spectators.

Here's @DoubleFaisal doing what he does .

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